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Sandra A

“Sandra has been the main pillar of The Michael B. Clayton & Associates family since 1997. She has commanded every aspect of our firm. Excelling in the administrative, bankruptcy, criminal & personal injury departments. She is also bilingual and interprets for our clients when needed. She has taken on the additional responsibility of office manager.”

Mirella U

“Mirella has been with Michael B. Clayton and associates since 2000.She forms part of the bankruptcy department and assists the attorney in all aspects.She is fluent in the spanish and english language and interprets for our class where and when the need arises. In addition she has spent many years developing her skills in all areas of representation in our office which makes her one of our most versatile and valuable assets.”

Noemy B

“Noemy has been with us for more than 5 years she is the key figure in our Bankruptcy department. She handle the interviewing of potential clients and the inputting of client information once we have been appointed to represent a person or persons. As with our other staff members she also is bilingual. She has proven herself to be a very capable individual and we are proud to have her as part of our team at Michael B. Clayton & Associates.”

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